On september 27-28, 2022 the PHINDaccess consortium celebrated the end of this four years project.

The first day was dedicated to the last Consortium Meeting where the members of the Institut Pasteur de Tunis, coordinator of PHINDaccess, presented the main results, the outcomes and impacts of the Seven Workpackages.
The Partners from the Institut Pasteur (France), the Center for Genomic Regulation (Spain), the Max Planck Institute and the Robert Koch Institute (Germany), and the Scientific Advisory Board gave also their feedback on these four years experience. They insisted on the great concrete achievements of this project, highlighting PHINDaccess as one the main steps that has to be made to reinforce IPT in Omics data analysis applied to Public Health, and to maintain its leading position in the Region.

The second day was open to the public and welcomed almost 200 peoples mainly from IPT, the tunisian scientific Community, several decision makers (Minister of Research and Higher Education, Minister of Health), Start ups and CSO's.
Untitled "Beefing up Omics Research at Institut Pasteur, Tunis" this event was the opportunity, to present the main scientific results of the PHINDacecss project, but also to discuss about "Consolidating IPT positioning as a regional key player in pandemic preparedness" and show how IPT is willing to Buildi upon PHINDaccess outputs.

The whole Final Conference has been broadcasted on the project Facebook page and put online on the project Youtube Channel

Below you will discover the pictures of the Consortium Final Meeting and the Final Conference