PHINDaccess expert visits: Enhancing IPT’s capacity in NGS technology through strategic partnership with Biomics

From December 27-31, 2021, a team of experts composed of two members from the Biomics core facility at Institut Pasteur in Paris Ms. Laurence Ma and Dr. Imene Najjar, visited the technological facility at Institut Pasteur of Tunis as part of a strategic partnership within work package 4 (Task 1).

The goal of this first mission at Institut Pasteur of Tunis was to set the ground for transferring technological and scientific skills, pertaining to  new generation sequencing (NGS) library preparation, quality controls and using the Illumina iSeq100 sequencing system.

A series of 7 visits are scheduled to occur during 2022, aiming to empower the members’ skills of the IPT platform in genomics, metagenomics, transcriptomics and setting up a quality management system. The objectives are to make the members of the IPT platform autonomous in the whole workflow including the preparation of the libraries, the sequencing and the primary analysis of the generated data.