Introduction to R and R Studio

With an ever-expanding number of users, R is one of the leading programming languages used worldwide. Its popular use in statistics and data science is mainly due to the wide range of open-source packages that are offered for a wide range of applications, including Omics-related analysis and visualization of high-throughput datasets. This course will take participants to their first steps in R and RStudio environments, by presenting them the core fundamentals of R and RStudio. Participants are expected to use it interactively to explore, analyze and visually interpret a set of model high-throughput datasets. The use of R as a programming language will be partially covered in this course and during the upcoming NGS-RNASeq course, and should be envisioned as a subsequent best practice that would improve participants' daily research.

This course is restricted to the young researchers previously selected from IPT's research labs and to 6 candidates from the Institut Pasteur International Network.