Database Development

The advent of Omics science has resulted in the generation of a tremendous amount of data, which makes database development a crucial requirement. PHINDaccess, which is striving for an easy access to Omics data at the Institut Pasteur de Tunis (IPT), is strongly committed to enhance all aspects relating to data stewardship, including databases.  Toward this end, a course dealing mainly with SQL Relational Databases was organized at IPT premises, November 18-21, 2019. The course was delivered to nineteen selected young researchers, representatives of IPT’s research labs. They have been brought through different steps for database conception and modeling, got acquainted with entity relationship diagram, developed a relational biological database from scratch, learned how to deal with MySQL queriesand how to use PHPMyadmin to manage the database and users. Trainees have also been introduced to good practices to ensure the security and integrity of a database.

Theoretical courses were alternated by practical sessions, which allowed the participants to appreciate their newly acquired skills. The course ended up with an overview on back end and front end web application development.

This course was nicely and competently organized by Dr. Kais Ghedira (PHINDaccess WP3 Leader), with the kind help of Dr. Fatma Guerfali (PHINDaccess WP2 Coordinator) and Mr. Wahbi Belhadj (PHINDaccess system administrator).