Slurm into practice (Day 2)

SLURM second edition: 

The PHINDaccess team is organizing a second edition of the SLURM course dedicated to participants involved in WP4 and having at their disposal OMICS data to analyze in the frame of the PHINDaccess project.  

This second edition will allow participants to use SLURM, run their jobs on the IPT cluster, analyze/interpret their high-throughput OMIC datasets, put knowledge into practice, and sharpen acquired skills.

This course is restricted to the young researchers holding a project in the frame of the PHINDaccess WP4 and is supported by PHINDaccess.

-Course objective:

The objective of the course consists of:

Learning slurm; how to use slurm; how to load modules on the cluster; how to create an environment; how to install tools; how to write a batch script and run it using slurm.

-Added value for participants concerning the results of the projects:

At the end of this course, participants will be able to use the IPT cluster adequately to handle their huge amount of data and analyze their own omics data autonomously.