In the frame of the WP7 «Performance Monitoring And Strategy For Sustainable Networking And Excellence”    of the PHINDaccess  project (H2020 programme) and its interaction with the other WP, you are invited to attend a workshop on "Building sustainable public-private and/or public-public partnerships'' which will be held on May 31, 2022 in Tunis.

The aim of the workshop is to prospect the marketable scenario to build on the developed core-facilities and main achievements linked to PHI Omics data analysis. The Tunisia ecosystem of Innovation will be seen to support long-term impact of the project and to maximize on Public-Public and Public-Private Partnership opportunities. PHINDaccess Knowledge Innovation Community will learn from CRG and IPParis concrete prospect strategy.

The challenges, important to establish a strong PPP at national and institutional level, will be squared in round table exchanges with stakeholders from public and the private sectors. The required support framework for a successful Spin off creation will be considered. Start up promoters will be inspired to launch their own Bio Business enterprise’s.

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