WP3: Upgrading IPT’s computing environment and facilities for a fluent PHI OMICS data stewardship

The aim of the WP3 is to set up an optimized computational environment for efficient and secured OMICS data analysis in IPT. Such environment will allow IPT scientists and researchers to store, manage, handle and analyze their OMICS data in a secure manner respecting all the international standards, the protection and confidentiality of data (especially human data) leading to the improvement of IPT members skills in bioinformatics and computational biology and to promote the quality of their publications.

Task 3.1: Setting up a reliable and highly efficient environment for Omics data stewardship.

Task 3.2: Setting up a help desk.

Task 3.3: Setting up a local-EGA platform for getting submissions and data distribution.

Task 3.4: Implementation of an institutional Omics web portal.

Task 3.5: Providing efficient e-tools for biobanking.


D3.1: Strengthening Omics data analysis capacities in pathogen-host interaction