WP4: Leveraging excellence in research on strategic PHI models

WP4 is the driver of scientific performance in PHINDaccess. It aims at increasing the scientific impact and merit of IPT’s research in specific PHI topics, including (i) Leishmania and leishmaniasis, (ii) Tuberculosis, (iii) Mycoplasma and fungal infections, (iv) (re-)emergent viral infections, and (v) The microbiome in health.

Task 4.1: Evaluation of the gaps and challenges to foster performance in strategic PHI Omics research models.

Task 4.2: Stimulating the emergence of novel ideas & concepts centered on strategic PHI models.

Task 4.3: International exposure to promote visibility and competitiveness in strategic PHI fields.


D4.2: Leveraging Excellence in Research on Strategic PHI Models