WP5: Communication, dissemination and exploitation of results

The main objective of the WP5 is to extensively raise awareness about activities and results fostered by PHINDaccess, by communicating, disseminating, and exploiting them. It also aims to create opportunities for a wider range of stakeholders to contribute to the project and enrich it with broader perspectives and different expertise and embrace the RRI (Responsible Research and Innovation) principles, such as ethics, gender equality, governance, open access, public engagement and science education in internal and external communication actions and activities, by enhancing the participation of both scientific and non-specialized audiences. 

Task 5.1: Dissemination and exploitation of results.
Task 5.2: Communication.


D5.1: Promotional activities, dissemination and communication plan and tools
D5.2: Communication, Science and Society report
D5.3: Data Management Plan