WP6: Unleashing IPT's full potential for an efficient translational research

The WP6 aims at unleashing IPT’s full potential for efficient translational research by acquiring best practices with regard to Knowledge Transfer (KT) and R&D processes. It ambitions to increase R&D partnerships and networking at both national and international levels. WP6 is setting up key measures to foster a favorable environment in exploiting Omics PHI research findings for translational research and entrepreneurship in biomedical sciences. The long-term goal is to have a dynamic network for integrated trans-regional cooperation between all partners, hence facilitating industrial and commercial exploitation of research outputs.
Specifically, we are exchanging best practices between IPT and partners’ support offices to better manage IPR, optimize the R&D process and improve its funding. The WP6 strategic deployment plan includes five highly matching tasks, which achievements are detailed as follows:

Task 6.1: Harmonizing data quality processes.  
Reports & deliverables: Data management standard operating procedure guideline

Task 6.2: Empowering management of Intellectual Property.

Task 6.3: Fostering fundraising and grants management capacities.

Task 6.4: Learning from concrete TT case studies.

Task 6.5: Rooting a sustainable cooperation with TT professionals.